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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Blog comments

out of hand

Due to people sitting on this blog all day talking bait and absolute bollocks on the comments, only google account users will now be able to comment if they wish.

I keep getting texts, voicemails and phonecalls about all this 'beef' going on which I really couldn't give a fuck about. More important things to be worrying about, don't even have a computer fucking hell. And due to that I can't really monitor what is going on, not that I should be in the first place anyway but some people just can't help themselves.

Some people may just be having laugh but too much unnecessary stuff is being spoken about. I hope everyone can understand the main reason for it so please don't email me. Everyone has had a chance to speak as we like to hear everyones opinion and make sure nothing is one sided (about the blog posts) but that won't be the case anymore I'm afraid.

No worries, we just keep on doing what we do and thats all there is to it, just less bullshit!

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