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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Youtube latest

Cash crisis could halt tube improvements

A DISAGREEMENT over cost could see tube trains becoming more crowded and improvements on London Underground abandoned, the London Assembly has said.
Transport for London (TfL) and Tube Lines, the maintenance firm for London Underground, cannot agree on the cost of upgrade work.
After maintenance firm Metronet collapsed in 2007, TfL began completing their projects, but about half the 150 refurbishment plans set to be finished by 2010 have been set back as late as 2017.

Bich RIP

Bich Rest In Peace. Thoughts to friends & family.

From all angles ... The Google car

Has Google gone too far?

GOOGLE Street View has launched in the UK this week and the internet images are there for all to see. TheVoice says Google are "doing their bit once more to assist the burglars".
But Sayalot goes as far as to describe Street view as "an open door" and thinks that the details shown in the photos are a recipe for disaster: "The street view is so graphic it shows close up pictures of door entrances, exits, windows, whatever else a burglar would want to know."
chelzeagirl is one user who will be a little more careful when topping up her tan: "No more sunbathing in my garden, thank God I was inside when they went past ... the world's gone mad."
But not all users on MY Sun are so critical of the camera shots. "It is nothing you couldn't see with your own eyes anyway." writes gripper. merrydownx describes it as "a massive step forward in technology", before stating that: "Some people will worry about anything."

Blacked out: This image of a man emerging from a sex shop in Soho has been removed

Google forced to black out hundreds of Street View photos after privacy protests - but site gets record number of visits

Hundreds of pictures from Google's new Street View service have been removed after concerns were voiced about invasion of privacy.
But Google has insisted it was 'less than expected'.
Google Maps received one in every 250 UK internet visits on Friday, with onsite traffic rising by 41 per cent, web monitoring firm Hitwise said.

SPRAY painting palm trees can be an exhausting pastime.
Just ask LADY GAGA.
The curvy chart-topper, clad in tiny black pants and high heels, could only manage a brief ten-minute graffiti session before she had to call it a day.
The wacky stunt on Venice Beach in Los Angeles was staged for a photoshoot.
And when the session was over, in true diva style the songbird had to be carried to her car by her bouncer.
Maybe the fumes got to her...

What a joke.

Geek tragedy ... trainspotters

'No ticket' Ken escapes train fine

A train company has defended its decision not to impose a penalty fare on former London Mayor Ken Livingstone after he travelled without a ticket.
Mr Livingstone could have faced a £20 fine for not buying a ticket for his journey from London's Paddington station to Slough in Berkshire.
But the First Great Western (FGW) train company said it has accepted Mr Livingstone's apology and they were happy for him to pay the fare when he got to Slough.

Tom Collister was found hanging in his cell at 7.20am on February 7


Parents of hanged prisoner pay tribute to their son

THE parents of a 23-year-old prisoner found hanged in his cell say their son did not intend to kill himself “in a million years”.
Debbie and Martin Collister spoke of their grief at losing their “loving” and “precious” son Tom, who left behind three sisters and a brother when he died on February 7.
He was in jail at the time serving a 30-month sentence for conspiracy to commit criminal damage, which had been slashed by 10 months four days earlier following an appeal hearing.
Tom Collister, who lived with his mother in Stembridge Road, Penge, had belonged to a gang of graffiti artists which carried out a two-year campaign of vandalism on trains and stations around south London.
Tom was sent to Wandsworth prison in October last year and transferred to HMP Camp Hill in Newport on the Isle of Wight in January.
His parents say he hated Camp Hill and he thought he would be moved back to Wandsworth after his appeal on February 3.
But on hearing he was going back to the Isle of Wight, he was distraught.
Mr Collister says Camp Hill was “a beast of a place” run like “a military institution”, and his son was staging a suicide attempt as “a cry for help” so he could be sent back to Wandsworth.
Hundreds of Tom’s friends are today launching balloons in his memory.
His funeral was attended by more than 400 people and hundreds have paid tribute to him on a social networking site.
And his friends have rallied round to arrange today’s event at Beckenham Crematorium, where Tom is buried.

Train conductors to hold 48-hour strike

Train conductors are to hold a third strike in a continuing row over Sunday working hours.
About 100 London Midland workers, including many based at Watford Junction, will refuse to work on Sunday, March 29 and Monday, March 30.

Chief constable 'daubed graffiti'

Nottinghamshire Police Chief Constable Julia Hodson has admitted breaking the law in her "rowdy" youth.
Speaking on BBC Radio Nottingham about youth crime in the city, Ms Hodson said as a teenager she had daubed graffiti on bus shelters.
She said: "Looking back I probably did [break the law]- I was lucky not to have gone a different way.

Wii Spray 2nd edition

Virtual Graffiti: Wii Spray 2nd edition

» Designed for regular use with the Nintendo Wii and for the
three Dimensional interaction concept of Wii Spray.
» A real add-on for the Wii, just plug the Wii Remote in the
Wii Spray Can and start!
» Buttonless design, easy use for left-and-right-handed persons.
Wii Spray uses an input interface similar to the Montana donut system.
» Pressure sensitive valve, up to 128 Values.
» Up to 128 different caps - inexpensive technology (less than 40 cent)
and build to resist!
» Interactive color display with the possibillity to show
the color level in six steps! just in case…
» USB port for charging the battery and load the latest firmware.
» the Wii Spray 2nd edition controller is able to sense its distance to the wall you are spraying on.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Google Street

Nice find from waxaddict here:
You can now pretty much virtually walk around most streets on your computer. Look around the street by clicking and dragging, or click the arrows to move up & down the road. Simply search a street and click 'view street'. Pretty nice feature.


Monday, 16 March 2009

Sento book

ON THE RUN BOOK #1 SENTO - The Fantastic Partners written by KET

Since 1983, SENTO has been an active graffiti artist painting every surface that holds still long enough to get a fresh coat of Krylon paint. From New York‘s trains to billboards, from highways to freight trains and even going as far as traveling around the world painting, as a Bronx native he has consistently pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a style writer and bomber. His style has influenced writers across the globe in cities like Madrid, Paris, Helsinki, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam. His style is unbeatable and he is truly one of the world‘s best.


'Trainspotting ban' sparks anger

Trainspotters are outraged after it emerged a rail firm was planning to ban them from its stations under moves to crack down on fare dodgers. General secretary Gerry Doherty said: "Sir John Betjeman will be turning in his grave at this news. It means that the barbarians have finally taken over the industry. Only people with no sense of history would commit such an act of mindless vandalism.
"Young trainspotters have been with us since Victorian times. Now National Express are saying they should be banned because they are a nuisance.
"These people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. They do not respect the industry or its values. They should go back to running buses." Link

Government website to show you which criminals live in your area

Details of any convicted criminals living in your area could soon be available just by typing your postcode into a website.
The plan, to allow online access to the court results of offenders, is among a number being unveiled by the Government.
But the Government has been criticised for the plan which would see victims of minor crime and loutish behaviour urged to text the police rather than call 999.
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is spending £3.5million on an advertising blitz asking the public to text a new 66101 number using their mobile phone.
Crimes to be reported to the non-emergency number could include criminal damage, graffiti, anti-social behaviour and low-level burglary and theft.
The plan is part of a new ten-point 'policing pledge' designed to improve battered public trust in the police.

'Betrayal of Britain's railway heritage': Trainspotters could be denied the chance to photograph engines like the new £3m steam locomotive Tornado, pictured here at London King's Cross station.

Continuity IRA graffiti close to the spot were a policeman was killed in Northern Ireland last night

A contractor cleans up the graffiti left by angry locals who have been priced out of the housing market by wealthy interlopers

'Go away': Priced-out locals' graffiti protest on holiday homes

Luxury homes in a seaside village have been vandalised in protest at the fact that locals cannot afford to live there.
Words such as 'no more 2nd homes', 'greed' and 'go away' were daubed on walls and driveways of new-built houses on sale for up to £485,000.
But on the eve of the estate agent's open day the vandals struck, using white paint to graffiti hostile slogans in two-foot high letters.
Contractors were called in to jet-wash the paint off before prospective buyers arrived on Saturday.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

March sketch battle

March battle looking pretty good. This year the level has definently been raised. Put your skills to the test.

Tagger on Facebook

Police trace graffiti tagger on Facebook (Canada)

For a graffiti artist, there's such a thing as being too famous.
RCMP officers tracked an enterprising tagger through images of his work posted on a Facebook site.
An 18-year-old man has admitted responsibility for graffiti images that have defaced bridges, signs, businesses and residential property in Selkirk, Man. and the surrounding area.
RCMP Const. David Obirek said large facial images began appearing in the area last summer.
Police didn't have a suspect, but Obirek said police followed a tip that led them to photos of the graffiti posted on the social networking site Facebook.
"Taggers tend to have a style, a stamp, that identifies them," Obirek said.
Investigators used the information from the tip identify a suspect.
© Copyright (c) Canwest News Service

Free Nois

Friday, 13 March 2009

More Youtube

old ^ but for those not seen.


TfL considers action over "Banksy" artwork

Transport chiefs have admitted they are undecided over what to do with a piece of graffiti art which has been daubed on a wall in Hendon.
The 15ft painting, which could be worth thousands of pounds, is on land owned by Transport for London (TfL), and it is their responsibility to deal with any vandalism to their property.
A TfL spokeswoman said: “We regard graffiti on our transport network as vandalism and we take steps to prevent and remove it.
“However, in this unusual case we are considering how best to deal with this piece.”
Supporters of the artist have expressed their delight at finding the latest piece, and many have claimed it would be a shame if it was painted over.

Hinchley Wood drunk urinates on train while high on cannabis

A 20-year-old Hinchley Wood man who was drunk and high on cannabis caused £600 of damage to a train by urinating on the seats and graffiting the windows, a court heard this week. Kingston Magistrates’ Court heard on Tuesday, March 10, that a train guard on the service watched the group move to an empty carriage and Thomas was then seen urinating on the seats and etching a graffiti tag on to six of the train windows.
The guard called the British Transport Police and an officer met the train at Surbiton station, where Thomas was arrested.
Charles Shelton, prosecuting, said the damage caused to the train was £628.92. (precise to the penny!)
Defence solicitor Miss Tomlinson, said the group drank 50 bottles of Stella Artois before the incident.


In 1982, while he was attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Mark Bode understood just how much influence his late father, cartoonist Vaughn Bode, had on the burgeoning graffiti art scene. Back then subway cars were traveling, metal canvases used by graffiti artists to display their talents.


Here's the link for UncouthYouth that I was asking for. Seen most of the stuff on the blog but some nice updates and we are on their links page so returning the favour.


SweetHarmony Posted: Jan 16 2007, 06:50 PM

Miltons Keynes was established in 1967 and is currently one of the UK's fastest growing Urban areas.
As previously recognised, Oker has had a career spanning since 1988.
Given the assumption that someone can impact enough pressure onto a spraypaint cap to release paint from the can at an age of lets just say 5.
So if Okers career started in 1988 when he was 5, taken for granted he was born on January the 1st 1983 and he started his career started on January 1st 1988 (his 5th birthday) currently making him 24.
Henceforth he realistically is in his thirties, lets take a stab at 33 (the age jesus died at) by no means am I comparing Oker to the son of god.
2007-33years=1974 (conincidently, I THINK NOT! 1 year after the BBC decided to set the drama series "Life on Mars" in, which of course was set in 1973)

So Milton Keynes was established in 1967, and Oker born in 1974, leaving a period gap of 7 years. 777 pays out the highests possible return on many bandit machines and there are also 7 days in a week. The number 7 was worn by David Beckham when he scored THAT goal against Greece on October 6th 2001.

This 7 year gap is not enough time for any man, woman or creature to built up enough hate for its environment for it to go out and cause destruction and bring damage to its habitat.

Now Im not a scientist, but there is something suspisciously eerie about this character.

SO eerie the Lord Decided.....



Youtube: March

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Happy Birthday!

GraffLondon celebrating its 5th birthday today. Happy birthday to all!

Monday, 2 March 2009

In the news

Award-winning artist's anti-war mural is scrubbed... for fear of violence

His award-winning graffiti was praised by South Bank Show judges for 'creating messages of peace, unity and hope'.
But it seems police saw Birmingham-born artist Mohammed Ali's work rather differently, after they removed one of his murals, apparently for fear it would trigger racial violence.

It's not fare ... trip costing £6.92 in the UK will only set you back £1.85 in France

Art for All ... Banksy's 'Trolley' print to be raffled for 1p

Train toy set gets steamy

TOY train makers have come up with a line of tiny HORN-BY models of a couple making love by the tracks. And randy railway enthusiasts have used micro-processor technology to make sure the models’ movements are authentic in every detail. The firm is also launching a range of prostitutes offering their services to lonely commuters and flashers exposing themselves to female passengers.

Be aware: New ticketing gates are to be installed at Carshalton train station to stop fare dodgers.

Banksy's portrait of Kate Moss fails to sell at auction

A series of portraits of Kate Moss by rebel artist Banksy failed to sell at an auction this week.
The prized prints, in the style of Andy Warhol’s images of Marilyn Monroe, were expected to go for £150,000 but did not attract any bidders.

Motorway cameras let police and MI5 track all car trips across the country

The police and MI5 have been given access to a network of infrared cameras that can track millions of car journeys across Britain.
The 1,090 cameras read numberplates of cars on all motorways and major trunk roads, recording the time, date and location of the vehicle and storing the data for five years.
The Highways Agency installed the bright green cameras to calculate journey times. But last week a senior agency official confirmed they are being linked to a police database.

Get your graffiti sprayed on the West Bank wall

If you've run out of urban areas to tag, Palestinians are offering you a massive new frontage - the West Bank barrier - for a fee.
Over the Internet, a group of Palestinian graffiti artists is offering to spray-paint your personal message on Israel's towering security wall in the occupied West Bank.
It costs £25 per message and they can be as solemn or wacky as you want. Everything goes, except for obscene, offensive or extremist hate speech. Clients get three digital pictures of the finished product.

Sounds pretty gay, might set up a stall myself down the wanksy tunnel and do the same.

Subway net

No news on a new issue just yet. All back issues available on the link.

Does anyone know what the link is for the uncutyouth blog? Please PM me.

If you have added photos in a thread and the post has not been approved for a while then please make it aware in the Info section.


^ This is not our youtube page, if its yours, let us know.

PS Crew

3 pages of updates on the PS thread worth checking out.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Changes on GraffLondon

Changes that you might want to be aware of

Unlike Facebook, we tell you whats going on. No, we are not selling all of your information (if any) for loads of dollar. Stop sweating all you paranoid folk.
Alot of discussion lately (on & off the board) about certain things on this website, which has been on-going for quite a while, and it is something that was ment to be taken care of at some point.
Theres no excuse really, its just one of them things you need to do, but just never get round to doing it due to other things getting in the way. When its finally done, its all worth it, and benefits whoevers involved.
The board has been split down to 2 departments. Decoration & Reflection.

Decortation- Photo posting only. All posts to be approved by a Moderator before appearing on the site.
Reflection- All sections in this department are the same as they were before.

Why do my posts need to be approved?
Blame other people for ruining the privilege. We all know about graff on the net. As good as it is, it just ruins itself all the same. Not something I need to go into, the main point here being that we want the best outcome for everyone, for the site and the scene in general.
I know theres been alot of problems/beef/whatever between people due to this website. But you could easily say the same about MySpace, FB, or whatever you twitters are into. People may say, close this website down, but what does that accomplish? Everyone would just go elsewhere, or back to 12 like the old days. How about we focus on the problems and get them solved, today.
Like I said, we want the best for everyone, for the site and for the scene in general. And I can safely say that this website isn't perfect, but has definently made more of an effort to keep on top of certain things than any other site. And we don't ask for much.

"GraffLondon, home of the three biggest cunts on the internet; Les Dennis, Dr Conz ad Adrenalinge".

Some of you may be reading this thinking, what the fuck is going on, why is all this happening?
Like I said, graff on the net, lets make the best out of it without ruining it! The photo posting sections - Far too much bullshit chat. Sooo many people just love to have a good old gossip. Some people like to look like they are in the 'know'. We don't care! We dont care where it was done, who was with him, what bus they took to get there, or what type of pants surround his arsehole. The only people that care about that information or get paid to get that information will have to learn the hard way. If you are a generally friendly, lovely, fun loving artist then PM whoever posted the photo if you desperately want any kind of info, and hope that they PM you back. Or ask a trusted friend on msn, fb chat, or when you see them down the drinking establishment. Lets keep the bullshit off the threads. Stop trying to impress people on a website, if you want to impress then do it properly, in the real world.

The bullshit chat is the biggest downfall. Some of you, will probably come on this website just to talk wank. Maybe to stir some sort of hatred towards another person, or between other people. Many reasons I'm sure. But one that you should all be aware of, is that this site is monitored by many different types of people.
Nobody has ever been arrested, charged, or sentenced for anything that has appeared on this website. This doesn't mean, lets go wild and post whatever we want. It means, lets continue to keep saying that at the end of the year, and at the end of every year that comes along.
It doesn't matter what is posted on here. Maybe a photo, or some silly information. The majority of stuff spoke about on here, its not evidence, it can't be used in court, and alot of it is of course speculation. You are responsible for your own actions though, nothing to do with us. You can only blame yourselves but when people cross the line, we will do what we can. There is no need for info to be posted. Yes, I know it might not mean someone is arrested, but it might give certain people a general idea, or open new gates that could easily be kept closed. Totally uncalled for.

These changes are for a good cause! Fuck all the bollocks, lets just look in that thread and see a beautiful page of something worth looking at. No more Hollyoaks gossiping. Don't wanna see people moving their rumours or beef into the politics section. Think before you post.

There will be new 'Post Moderators' added, due to now all photo's in the main 3 sections needing approval. Their powers will be to approve posts and topics in the main 3 sections. I have 3 people in mind that will be contacted, due to their commitment to the site. They will be another part of the team, aswel as the other mods of course. Mods are on all throughout the day and night, and I would generally say that after a post is made in one of the sections, it should well be approved within an hour or 2. Depending on the time obviously.

Writers Index

This is opening soon. Some of the pages will remain closed. If your name appears on the list, then you can get in contact in some way, with someone, if you want it to stay closed. This section will be like the other main 3 sections. Approved posts and topics only. If you feel a topic is missing, then post on the writers index chat thread in the info & help section.

Wednesday, 4. February 2009, 11:43
as someone once said - "the change of the times is all it is, and you have to adjust with it. if you're out there painting certain things, and worried about it appearing on the internet or getting arrested then you shouldn't be out there doing it in the first place, in my opinion. either that or you take yourself out, which then just makes it all totally pointless. people do graffiti for other people to see, otherwise, they would just paint in their garage or put a fence up to use in the garden. self promotion, weather its online or down the local park, its all part of it, so is getting arrested if you let yourself slip. rise above it."

If anyone would like to reply to anything said, ideally, please use a thread in info & help. If you find your inbox has dissapeared, click the icon to PM someone else and you should be able to locate yourself to your inbox from there.
And if anyone has a comment about the website, in general, in the future, do NOT get in contact personally with one of my mods. Contact me directly if its that big a deal.


For those that don't know, we have a policy agreement with 12oz. Recently there was an announcement and this applies to us & everyone here too:

Hi all,

occasionally we get emails/PMs like the following:

Yo whats going on,
I'm writing you this as a moderator to ask you to close to blah blah thread. The police have been using the message board as a tool to gather information and track IP adresses, and are using that information to build cases, come to peoples door's and to make raids. I'm not 100% sure on all the deatils, but everyone in the city who's fallen victim to this within the last week has said that the police admitingly use 12oz as a resource.
Thanks dude.

there is no simpler way to put this than THEY'RE LYING TO YOU!! don't be stupid and fall for their lies. think about it, can you see anybody's IP address? no, of course you can't. why do you think a police officer could? they're viewing this site as a member of the general public just like you. they can't "track" anybody's IP address any more than you could. on top of that do you think they have the training, the authority, or the funding to hack our servers for that information? the answer to all 3 is most definitely no. if the police want any infomation from our servers the must subpoena it. rest assured, they've tried, and failed, on multiple occasions. 12oz is under no obligation to assist police in their investigation of any crime not commited by any of the people who own/run/operate this website.

we try our best as moderators to keep the boards free of incriminating evidence, but unfortunately there are some individuals who are just hell-bent on getting themselves thrown in jail by doing stupid shit online. please think before you post, and if you have a problem with somebody please don't blow up their spot online. that just makes you a snitch.

the police have access to the boards, they can see the photos you post. if you post a photo, please try not to name the place it was taken, and the date it was done. this is just common sense. if you can figure out who a certain poster is, then so can the cops. so don't blow up spots, don't drop dimes. pretty simple concept to grasp.

when it comes down to it, a low-resolution image obtained from this website does precious little to help in a case against any individual, and is often not even admissable as evidence. as it stands, for you to be charged with a crime the person who owns the property the crime was commited on must file an official complaint with the authorities. it's not a crime until somebody reports it!! the majority of graffiti is cleaned by the property owner and they don't waste their time reporting the incident. so if you weren't caught in the act and you don't admit to any wrongdoing, chances are you'll be released an innocent man/woman.


please, use common sense when posting on these forums. your own safety is ulimately in your own hands.

and to any of our friends in law enforcement (hi!), remember, when using our forums you're agreeing to the following:

The use of our boards by law enforcement for the sake of researching, gathering, or in any way preparing evidence for use in any legal proceedings or prosecution is strictly forbidden. You agree to these terms by requesting any page or content originating from our domain