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Friday, 13 March 2009


SweetHarmony Posted: Jan 16 2007, 06:50 PM

Miltons Keynes was established in 1967 and is currently one of the UK's fastest growing Urban areas.
As previously recognised, Oker has had a career spanning since 1988.
Given the assumption that someone can impact enough pressure onto a spraypaint cap to release paint from the can at an age of lets just say 5.
So if Okers career started in 1988 when he was 5, taken for granted he was born on January the 1st 1983 and he started his career started on January 1st 1988 (his 5th birthday) currently making him 24.
Henceforth he realistically is in his thirties, lets take a stab at 33 (the age jesus died at) by no means am I comparing Oker to the son of god.
2007-33years=1974 (conincidently, I THINK NOT! 1 year after the BBC decided to set the drama series "Life on Mars" in, which of course was set in 1973)

So Milton Keynes was established in 1967, and Oker born in 1974, leaving a period gap of 7 years. 777 pays out the highests possible return on many bandit machines and there are also 7 days in a week. The number 7 was worn by David Beckham when he scored THAT goal against Greece on October 6th 2001.

This 7 year gap is not enough time for any man, woman or creature to built up enough hate for its environment for it to go out and cause destruction and bring damage to its habitat.

Now Im not a scientist, but there is something suspisciously eerie about this character.

SO eerie the Lord Decided.....


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