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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Wii Spray 2nd edition

Virtual Graffiti: Wii Spray 2nd edition

» Designed for regular use with the Nintendo Wii and for the
three Dimensional interaction concept of Wii Spray.
» A real add-on for the Wii, just plug the Wii Remote in the
Wii Spray Can and start!
» Buttonless design, easy use for left-and-right-handed persons.
Wii Spray uses an input interface similar to the Montana donut system.
» Pressure sensitive valve, up to 128 Values.
» Up to 128 different caps - inexpensive technology (less than 40 cent)
and build to resist!
» Interactive color display with the possibillity to show
the color level in six steps! just in case…
» USB port for charging the battery and load the latest firmware.
» the Wii Spray 2nd edition controller is able to sense its distance to the wall you are spraying on.

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