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Saturday, 21 March 2009

From all angles ... The Google car

Has Google gone too far?

GOOGLE Street View has launched in the UK this week and the internet images are there for all to see. TheVoice says Google are "doing their bit once more to assist the burglars".
But Sayalot goes as far as to describe Street view as "an open door" and thinks that the details shown in the photos are a recipe for disaster: "The street view is so graphic it shows close up pictures of door entrances, exits, windows, whatever else a burglar would want to know."
chelzeagirl is one user who will be a little more careful when topping up her tan: "No more sunbathing in my garden, thank God I was inside when they went past ... the world's gone mad."
But not all users on MY Sun are so critical of the camera shots. "It is nothing you couldn't see with your own eyes anyway." writes gripper. merrydownx describes it as "a massive step forward in technology", before stating that: "Some people will worry about anything."

Blacked out: This image of a man emerging from a sex shop in Soho has been removed

Google forced to black out hundreds of Street View photos after privacy protests - but site gets record number of visits

Hundreds of pictures from Google's new Street View service have been removed after concerns were voiced about invasion of privacy.
But Google has insisted it was 'less than expected'.
Google Maps received one in every 250 UK internet visits on Friday, with onsite traffic rising by 41 per cent, web monitoring firm Hitwise said.

SPRAY painting palm trees can be an exhausting pastime.
Just ask LADY GAGA.
The curvy chart-topper, clad in tiny black pants and high heels, could only manage a brief ten-minute graffiti session before she had to call it a day.
The wacky stunt on Venice Beach in Los Angeles was staged for a photoshoot.
And when the session was over, in true diva style the songbird had to be carried to her car by her bouncer.
Maybe the fumes got to her...

What a joke.

Geek tragedy ... trainspotters

'No ticket' Ken escapes train fine

A train company has defended its decision not to impose a penalty fare on former London Mayor Ken Livingstone after he travelled without a ticket.
Mr Livingstone could have faced a £20 fine for not buying a ticket for his journey from London's Paddington station to Slough in Berkshire.
But the First Great Western (FGW) train company said it has accepted Mr Livingstone's apology and they were happy for him to pay the fare when he got to Slough.

Tom Collister was found hanging in his cell at 7.20am on February 7

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