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Friday, 13 March 2009


TfL considers action over "Banksy" artwork

Transport chiefs have admitted they are undecided over what to do with a piece of graffiti art which has been daubed on a wall in Hendon.
The 15ft painting, which could be worth thousands of pounds, is on land owned by Transport for London (TfL), and it is their responsibility to deal with any vandalism to their property.
A TfL spokeswoman said: “We regard graffiti on our transport network as vandalism and we take steps to prevent and remove it.
“However, in this unusual case we are considering how best to deal with this piece.”
Supporters of the artist have expressed their delight at finding the latest piece, and many have claimed it would be a shame if it was painted over.

Hinchley Wood drunk urinates on train while high on cannabis

A 20-year-old Hinchley Wood man who was drunk and high on cannabis caused £600 of damage to a train by urinating on the seats and graffiting the windows, a court heard this week. Kingston Magistrates’ Court heard on Tuesday, March 10, that a train guard on the service watched the group move to an empty carriage and Thomas was then seen urinating on the seats and etching a graffiti tag on to six of the train windows.
The guard called the British Transport Police and an officer met the train at Surbiton station, where Thomas was arrested.
Charles Shelton, prosecuting, said the damage caused to the train was £628.92. (precise to the penny!)
Defence solicitor Miss Tomlinson, said the group drank 50 bottles of Stella Artois before the incident.

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