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Sunday, 28 February 2010

A whole new level

The following 3 videos are all complete bollocks. Sadly, this is the latest London has to offer on youtube.

Whoever is making these videos, please stop!

The first one features a tourist who is obviously a little bit too excited over what he believes to be a war... Whats more shocking is that someone out there actually rated it 5 stars.

The next one is a 2 minute video you have never seen before, full of photo's you have, with incredibly dramatic music to put you possibly on edge.

Not sure what this last one is about. Are we on drugs on a bike or just in a dream? Fuck knows, but what shocked me the most is that someone has actually gone out and made a video like this. Riding around on a bike with a camera attached to his head whilst looking at graff! It could of been good but its just not.. must of been the drugs.

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