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Monday, 8 February 2010

RIP London Legals...

I'm sure most of you reading are too gangster to care about legal walls, but I think it's worth blogging, so you can shit off.

In the past year or so chill/legal spots in London have started evaporating faster than a bunch of lepers in a wind tunnel, and whether you use them or not, this is 100% a shame - layers of graff history built up over years and years destroyed in one fell swoop, for no good reason whatsoever. In the case of places like Pig's Alley, they're so out the way that the council/police shouldn't even care about their existence; in the case of more central places like Southbank, they were livened up for tourists, locals and writers alike by being home to legal walls. Contrary to what wankers on this website like to think, graffiti isn't merely about racking paint, painting tubes and robbing toys; it's about expressing yourself, and London writers now have a far more limited array of places to express themselves than those from most other European countries.

All in all, we've lost;

Pig's Alley
The Pit
Sclater Street
Trellick Towers
Tuffnell Park

Oh, and they've left Tuffnell Park and Southbank coated with pieces, despite there being no signs warning anyone the plots aren't legal - a cheap and nasty way of the Met bumping up their arrest numbers and making a few bob off the backs of people who are none the wiser, no doubt. They've also taken to cleaning Plaistow every fortnight. Bah.

Edit: HYB remind me that Sclater Street is also now illegal - similarly with no warnig whatsoever. I saw some people getting cautioned there the other day - a complete joke.


  1. has recently been signs up at stockwell also

  2. I swear the signs at stockwell just say that your being watched for legal reasons by the cameras? And i was at southbank 2 weeks ago painting with no problem? Is it really illegal? Where did you find out about this? Its sickening, everytime i went there people used to love watching me paint and tend to like the finished product. I swear pigs alley has been illegal along time now as well. This pisses me off so much! What is the point? What are you getting out of this? In fact your losing money from the graffers that want to do it legally in the way they will probs either go illegally again making the government spend money cleaning, or quiting and therefor losing money on the tax from spraycans - very idiotic! I guess they make it back when they arrest and fine someone who was trying to produce some art thinking the wall was legal.