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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Banksy film tickets 'sell out in seconds'

& full film review (not by us mind)

"I add my tag to the Leake Street tunnel and turn to see a critic from the Daily Telegraph doing the same."

As some of you may have read in the full of shit newspapers today, banksys special screenings have fully sold out, apparently in a matter of SECONDS which I think is supposed to make us all impressed but I can't say I was affected. Just the day before I read about the annoyance of things like fly-tipping, graffiti and other anti-social behaviour that councils were stamping down on. And now this loving banksy report less than 24 hours later which was on the very next page of the front one.
The film is being shown under the tracks of Waterloo and Leake street at a place called the Lambeth Palace (photo above). At cinema's nationwide from March 5th.

For a full review of the film and words from banksy then check the text below.

Click photo for full size

The BBC reported “It is described as the story of how an eccentric French shop keeper turned documentary maker attempted to locate and befriend Banksy, only to have the artist turn the camera back on him”.

Banksy said: “It’s the story of how one man set out to film the un-filmable. And failed”. He later elaborated to the Guardian “It’s a film about a man who tried to make a film about me. Everything in it is true, especially the bits where we all lie.”

Banksy said he has organised the screenings so “normal people” can see the film “before the celebrities get stains all over the furniture”.
“We've got an usherette, except she sells spray paint instead of cigarettes. I think graffiti writing might actually be more socially acceptable than smoking,” he said in a statement.


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