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Saturday, 22 August 2009


TFL slash LSCP budget in half

I am definently one of the people that is delighted at the news that the capital's biggest camera operator, the London Safety Camera Partnership (LSCP), is in trouble after Transport for London slashed its budget by almost half.
"Speed cameras are in place to raise revenue, not save lives. Speed is not the problem. Inappropriate speed is."

Well said.. hopefully see less cams on them roads.

Take a seat: Boris Johnson on the first of the new trains today at Willesden Junction. The Mayor said the new design would “surprise even the most hardened traveller”

The first of a new £223million fleet of London trains intended to "revolutionise" commuter travel was unveiled today by Mayor Boris Johnson.
It marks the first stage of ambitious plans by Transport for London to build an orbital railway around the capital by the Olympics in 2012.
The trains will run on TfL's London Overground - the first 24 on the North London, West London and Watford-Euston lines and a further 20 on the East London line which reopens next year. Ten more will be delivered by 2011.
"Air conditioning, walk-through carriages and CCTV, combined with the completion of the East London line by 2012, will revolutionise the network."

Just looks like less seats to me.... more room to pack people in standing up???


Delays in upgrades and short of money

Commuters could be forced to wait longer for air-conditioned tubes because of a planning dispute. Transport for London is spending £3.7billion on 191 new tubes for the Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, Circle and District lines by 2012. But Westminster council has signalled its opposition to the "crude" design of an electricity substation needed to power the fleet.
Commuters could soon also see an increase in commercial "buy ups" on the Tube as bosses seek to fill a £1.7billion shortfall threatening upgrades to stations and the introduction of air cooling systems.

Need air con on buses aswel please

Victoria line

The first new tube in more than 10 years entered service today. It is the first of 47 Victoria line tubes which are due to be added to the network by the autumn. The frequency of the tubes is increasing and the capacity of the line is also going up by 20 per cent. As well as a few inches of extra headroom, the tubes give a smoother ride and the doors open wider.
The tubes have in-carriage CCTV, improved ventilation and none of the debris visible on existing rolling stock after 40 years of service. The lights are brighter and the carriages appear more spacious.

£850m extension to Northern line

Boris Johnson is planning an extension of the Northern line from Kennington to Battersea power station.
The Mayor, Transport for London and Wandsworth and Lambeth councils want government permission to raise money for the project.
They hope to use a financial model involving the sale of council bonds to fund the £850 million scheme.

About time


£695m upgrade to Victoria Tube station

Passengers using one of London Underground's (LU) busiest and most congested stations are set to benefit from a major £695m upgrade as part of TfL's Investment Programme.
Used by more than 80 million passengers each year, Victoria Underground station is at the heart of London's transport network.
When complete, the scheme will increase the size of the station by about 50 percent with a new ticket hall, lifts and additional escalators to ease congestion, and step-free access from street level to all platforms and for interchange.

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