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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Sickboy 99-09

From the sickboy blog: Ten years from the day that he first decided to spray a red and yellow temple instead of his name on walls from here to Bangkok, leading UK graffiti artist Sickboy has immortalised his iconic temple as a collectable 3D resin hand-painted model.

Size: 140 (w) x 120 (d) x 110mm (h) Weight: 800g +
Editions: Love = Edition of 25, Peace= Edition of 25, Happiness= Edition of 25 and
Death = Edition of 25
Authenticity: Signed and numbered by the artist
Price: £150.00 + P&P
Release date September 24, 2009. Available via


  1. Are there any of these type of artists (you know, the Shoreditch lot) who aren't just in it to make money?

  2. probably not. least he still pieces

  3. what the fuck are you lot posting shit-toy for... hes a serious fame hungry artfag, one of the worst.

  4. Innit, Sickboy is fucking terrible...'leading graffiti artist'...WTF.

  5. can tell the text isn't from grafflondon...

  6. but why post it in the first place - sickboy is such a fucking toy he went around laying wreaths in commemoration of where his stuff had been buffed... and now hes making £150,000 off this crap, hes fucking shameless

  7. well you should know what i think about certain things but everyones different.

    just trying to cover different things but obviously won't please everyone all the time.

  8. Met this CUNT once in Canterbury...he said he'd left no bin unturned, despite the fact he got one of his gay characters on ONE bin...what a faggot.

  9. 10 years of temples how impressive and i've never even fucking seen one. fags like this could probably get away with painting loads of their shitty 'characters' every day, especially in east London. the public fucking love it. but they don't cos they're too shook and busy doing something much gayer. no wonder Dels dogs him on sight!