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Sunday, 13 September 2009


A graffiti vandal responsible for hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage across London stands to make a four figure sum by selling his work.

Daniel Halpin was given an ASBO and jailed for spraying his TOX tag on trains and walls for nine years.

Now he is selling 100 canvases, bearing his notorious mark, at £75 each.

Although the law prohibits people from profiting by criminal acts, the BBC has learned he will be able to keep the cash because of a "glaring loophole".

Mr Halpin's spree began in 2001 when the tag TOX01 started to appear.

It can be seen as far afield as Paris and one London Underground manager said: "I don't know anywhere you can't see a TOX tag - they are in places even I don't know how to access."

At the height of his spree Mr Halpin, from Stockwell, south London, spent four-and-a-half months in Feltham Young Offenders Institution for breaching an ASBO.

'Passion and commitment'

In what some graffiti artists call "cashing in" on his notoriety, Mr Halpin has now begun selling prints of his tag through street art company Souled Out.

Souled Out owner Chris Bowden said of Mr Halpin's behaviour: "It's an addiction to bombing [painting] trains - he lives for it, and treats it almost like a job with research, passion and commitment.

"He just wants to 'get up' more than anyone else - that's all taggers want, to get their tag on as many walls more than anyone else in the hardest to reach spots."

The Proceeds of Crime Act prevents convicted criminals from benefiting from their crime.

Two anonymous graffiti artists give conflicting opinions on Halpin's work.

TOX's stuff is an eye sore that gives graff a bad name. There's no skill or flow involved, its just down and out vandalism - just like kids with markers writing 'I was 'ere'. It's pointless and no-one wants to look at it. Master the art, then hit the streets.
TOX is one of the greatest graffiti artists I have ever seen. With the ratio of criminal damage against arrests he should be displayed in the Tate Modern. He has embarrassed the police, outwitting all their CCTV and security schemes. He is a genius and an inspiration to all artists. TOX is a urban icon.

But Christopher Coltart, a barrister and financial crime specialist at 2 Hare Court chambers, told the BBC the legislation would not apply to Mr Halpin.

Mr Coltart said: "The difficulty is there is nothing in itself unlawful about him spraying his tag onto the canvas.

"The issue is whether he is looking to exploit previous criminal activity which has given rise to his notoriety.

"I doubt whether that is covered - you may have identified what is a glaring loophole."

The Coroners and Justice Bill - currently going through parliament - is intended to strengthen the law on profiting from crime.

But Mr Coltart said the act would still not be enough to retrieve money from the "bulletproof" graffiti artist.

He added: "It is morally wrong that he could make money from his vandalism - everyone would agree with that.

"That's why it could be viewed as a loophole that needs to be cut off."

A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said: "There is no loophole in the Coroners and Justice Bill - the provisions will target offenders who exploit their offences."

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  1. 'souled out'

    pretty funny

  2. "It is morally wrong that he could make money from his vandalism - everyone would agree with that.

    Yes ok mate and what about banksy never heard anyone complaining about him..twats.

    Not really selling out either he has put his time and effort in more then most.

  3. if he can make some cash, good luck to him!
    he definitely aint a sell-out... he's fucking smashed it!!!!!

  4. them bods are all cats...banksy's allowed to profit because them boogie cunts think he is a don...and tox ain't cos they think he's a hoodlum...but end of the day the both end up vandalising shit so whats the deal....all just revolves around who the media loves to bum suck...

  5. I hope they do sew up the loophole... Id fucking love to see that smug arrogant twat banksy have all his cash revoked.

  6. Phuder NP reach...

  7. Another one bites the dust. What happened to being it for the thrill, the fame...

    Now TOX is being discussed in the same sentence as Banksy it's over. TOX canvasses! Sellout.

  8. You can comment but you don't know the background story to the canvases so hush your mouths an whoever posted it your a prick you couldn't even hide his fuckin name!

  9. You dumb prick, everyone in the graff world, us, btp, the media knows Tox's name. He has been in the paper, on the news a million times.

    It is common knowledge you fucking clueless prat.

  10. oh how graffiti has gone down hill. we cant even rely on the likes of tox anymore

  11. FUCK THA SYSTEM da worlds fukd,hows banksy sellin his illegal street art for GRANDS and tox is gettin grief 4 sellin his canvasses !!!make dat paper boii

  12. If people call TOX a sell out, they are fucking crazy. He has bombed london more than the Germans mate.

    People who say that he is a sell-out, are jelous that their shitty, unknown tag with no style or flow would never sell for anything like £75

    fuck off,

    DEBT from oxford

  13. If you were offered a decent hook up for a few tags...why say no? Thats not exactly selling out guy does his thing..respect to him. People hate on banksy but your stupid for hating if you do.

  14. He might be dedicated but when it comes to style, Tox has none. Only a mug would pay 75 quid, I could write it myself, You could write it yourself