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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Classical music deters graffiti artists in subways

July 28th, 2009

Can classical music deter graffiti artists and prevent youth gathering in the subways?

The Council of Dartford, Kent, England has decided to play classical music in subways and pedestrian tunnels. For now, the speakers primarily play music of Gustav Mahler, but they plan to add Mozart and Handel as well.

According to the Telegraph, Jeremy Kite, Dartford Council leader calls this experiment a success. “People told us they feel safer and they are enjoying the music.” Subways in Blackburn and Burney have also experienced a reduction of graffitti and youth gatherings.

Given the success of subway classical music in Kent, would such an experiment work in New York City? Would passerbys be willing to exchange rap for Ravel, Tupac for Tchaikovsky, Eminem for Elgar? It would be quite interesting to see how subway patrons at 149th St. Grand Concourse, Hunts Point, or Woodlawn respond to Mahler and Mozart.



  1. Yeah, we got that shit in our bus station. Does seem to work too.

  2. classical music is amazing!!