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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Xmas report

Well not alot this year by the looks of things, last year would be quite something to top. A few photo's on the stations thread and good to see a couple of things on the foreigners on UK steel & vise versa thread.

Like the queen said on xmas day, I also hope you all take the comfort of Jesus of Nazerath this christmas. What a fantastic speech that was............................. Anyway:

Transport bosses came under fire today for letting London's network "go to sleep" over Christmas as closures threaten to severely disrupt travel.
The Metropolitan and Jubilee line will be shut down on 26 December, with station closures on six other lines - including Northern, Central and Hammersmith & City.
A Saturday service will run on the Underground until New Year's Eve, when there is free travel throughout the night, although 15 stations will be closed or have limited opening.

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