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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Graffiti writer to get the cane

'MCKOY BANOS' admits train damage

Oliver Fricker, 32, was sentenced to the minimum three strokes from a rattan cane and five months in prison after he pleaded guilty to breaking into a Singapore train depot last month and spray-painting graphics and the words "McKoy Banos" across two carriages.

A warrant of arrest has been issued for Briton Lloyd Dane Alexander, the alleged accomplice of Swiss national Oliver Fricker, who has been charged with vandalizing an MRT train at SMRT's Changi depot.
In a statement released yesterday, the police said that they had consulted the Attorney-General's Chambers and applied for the arrest warrant which was granted by the Subordinate Courts.
Alexander is said to have fled to Hong Kong before the incident was reported to police on 19 May.
Fricker was released on Monday after posting a S$100,000 bail. His passport has been impounded to prevent him from leaving the country.


  1. Why do you think lots of blogs haven't posted this?

  2. they have? the ones you probably look at (if they do know about it), they probably didn't think that the news and the internet, which its all over, are the most viewed sources on this planet and posting it on their blog really wouldnt make the slightest bit of difference....

    why dont you stop moaning about it and actually do something useful and start supporting people, im sure you would want that if you were about to be tortured for fuck sake

  3. the proportions are all fucked. page width, or youtube embedding or something.

  4. its supposed to be like that. if i kept photos and videos inside the borders they would be too small.

  5. ok, if that's the way you wont it, but it looks wrong and shit. A border is designed to be just that, a border, if you go over it, it looks wack. I dont see why you couldn't make the vids and pics smaller, like the glasto pics size, and anything larger one would have to click on it to see the larger version. And with youtubes, you can set the height and width to fit in the border. But if you like it like this, then all is fine i guess.