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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Earn £1.6m

Man hit by New York subway train after drunken night out he doesn't remember awarded £1.6m for losing leg

A Brooklyn man who was drunk when he fell into the path of a subway train and lost part of his leg has been awarded $2.3million (£1.6million) by a jury.
Dustin Dibble, who reportedly had a blood-alcohol level of 0.18, has admitted that he was so drunk he doesn't even remember the incident at the Union Square subway station in April 2006.
But Dibble's lawyer argued in court that the driver had time to stop the train when he saw the 25-year-old lying on the tracks 55 metres away - and the jury agreed, assigning most of the blame to New York City Transit.

RT new site

RT have a new site and not even put our link on it, fucking disgusting!

Write4gold 2009

Write4Gold West Europe in Liverpool

We are very excited to announce that Write4Gold will return to the UK for 2009! It will all go down at the UK’s biggest and best free urban youth festival: HUB Festival at the Wellington Dock in Liverpool on May 23rd 2009 and May 24th 2009. More than ten thousand people will attend this massive free festival that also features skating, breaking, scratching, rapping and much, much more. And that not all, not only is this the Write4Gold event for all UK teams, its also the Write4Gold for West Europe!

Write4Gold West Europe 2009
Date: 23rd of may 2009
Start: 10am
Location: Wellington Dock, Liverpool HUB Festival
Adress: Wellington Dock (next to Sandon Dock), 90 Regent Road, Liverpool, L5 9SY
City: Liverpool
Participants: UK, Ireland, Benelux
Local Support and cooperating Organizer: ZAP GRAFFITI ARTS

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Glorifying crime

10:14am Tuesday 24th February 2009

WE COULD not believe the headline Tributes to Prisoner (News Shopper, February 11).
While we have every sympathy for Tom Collister’s parents, family and friends, the fact is he was a convicted vandal.
What sort of message does the headline send out to those young people who do not need much excuse to play the hero by daubing graffiti and vandalising property?
The story seems to glorify Tom Collister’s crime and portray him as a victim rather than a young man who had committed a crime and was being punished for what he had done.

Address supplied

Monday, 23 February 2009


HQ Brixton is now open - come and get all of your hip hop supplies in London's premier hip hop store.

HQ Brixton
14d Market Row
Cold Harbour lane

The easy way to find it..........................
Left out of Brixton Tube Station
Walk up to KFC
Left down Cold Harbour Lane
On the left hand side you'll see the shop Blacker Dread, take the left at Blacker Dread and you'll see HQ Hip Hop Supplies.

Sunday, 22 February 2009


Some cool vids from the puff girls/ power puff girls, whatever they go by. Video out in summer.

Quite a random Mist sixseven panel spotted on this very random german hip hop vid. Can make it out just under the stickers that have been slapped over, on 3:04

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Train vandal sentenced

Train vandal sentenced for £17,000 damage spree (from a couple of weeks ago)

A bored man who spent hours vandalising rail property was sentenced today for causing nearly £17,000 damage to trains and trams in south London and Surrey.
The graffiti vandal received an eight-month suspended sentence at Southwark Crown Court.
He was also handed a 12-month supervision order, a six-month curfew and five-year ASBO prohibiting him from possessing graffiti paraphernalia and from entering parts of the railway.
***** was arrested after BTP mounted an operation to target vandals who commit graffiti offences over the Christmas period when the rail industry comes to a halt.
He was arrested on Boxing Day 2007 and continued to commit offences in 2008, despite being on bail.
"Network Rail, Southern and London trams in Croydon suffered a combined total of £17,000 damage as a direct result of ***** criminal activity," PC Garden added.
Judge Christopher Hardy said vandalising trains and railway property was a very serious matter.
He said ***** was a persistent vandal with criminal offences dating back to 2002 "When [graffiti] is sprayed randomly on other people's property it’s simply vandalism." he said.
"And apart from lowering the tone of areas where it is found, particularly in regard to railway stock and public transport, causes very great inconvenience to the whole of the travelling public."

Photo mix

Skeams last pan.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tube line to cross South London

SOUTH London will get its first east-west Tube line following an announcement yesterday by the Government and London Mayor Boris Johnson.
Work on Phase 2 will begin in three months and is due to finish in 2012.
It will see a line running from Clapham Junction, to Docklands and the City, via Wandsworth Road, Clapham High Street, Denmark Hill, Peckham Rye, Queens Road Peckham and Surrey Quays.
A cash shortfall means the planned station, Surrey Canal Road, between Queens Road Peckham and Surrey Quays, has yet to be decided


Not sure who done the above two, but nice all the same.

Got handed this mental dvd last night called Ya Basta. Great rage, check it out.

Saturday, 14 February 2009


Due to all the recent hype over Twitter, I'd just like to say how shit it actually is!

Skeam funeral

'Toms funeral is next Friday 20th Feb, church unconfirmed but will be in west wickham, burial at elmers end crematorium and wake at the Elmer lodge pub, Beckenham.'

Monday, 9 February 2009

Network Rail

Some moaning from Network Rail today about people jumping lights and rail crossing barriers. Yeah fair enough, the guy on this vid has got some seriously big balls. The vid I see on GMTV was even worse than this one -

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Skeam RIP

Skeam. Rest in peace. Horrible, horrible news. Thoughts to close ones.

Dondi sketch battle

Shit! This is top stuff! Nice January sketch battle from those that entered. Poll is up if you still need to vote. Feb battle also underway, word being 'RETARD'.

Mixed photo's

Here's some nice photo's, sent in from a nice person. Mixed crews at: somewhere in Italy, somewhere in Austria, Berlin, Munich & New York. If you have any nice flicks like this, and have been around for more than 2 weeks, then feel free to send an email.